Every year, the Rotaract Mediterranean Executive Board together with the Country Representatives of each one of the member countries, choose the best Project held by a Rotaract club in the Mediterranean area. This clubs are gifted with The Mediterranean Outstanding Project Awards, which are given during the Mediterranean Convention.


The Mediterranean Prize for Peace recognises the work done by a mediterranean Rotaract Club promoting and, eventually, achieving peace in their communities, and The Best Club Twinning Award, recognises the best collaboration between mediterranean twin clubs for the given year.

Countdown for project submission:

Selection Process

Phase one is the country phase. In this phase, each Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO member country shall submit a maximum of:


  • 3 projects for medLove OPA.
  • 3 projects for medNature OPA.
  • 3 projects for medCulture OPA.
  • 3 projects for Peace Award.
  • 3 projects for Best Twinning Award.




Each country shall form a national selection committee composed by:

  • Country Representative.
  • Country Representative’s assistants.
  • District Rotaract Representatives.


This committee will be in charge of choosing the projects which will represent the country in the international phase. Each country will have freedom to organise its own selection process. This process, although it certainly gives smaller communities a higher visibility, also increases bigger countries probability to submit a truly award-winning project.


The selected projects must be submitted to the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO International Service Coordinator before the 30th of March 2021 in order to start with the second phase.

Download the selection criteria here

The Phase Two is the International Phase, where the submitted projects will be evaluated by the international committee of CRs. A maximum of 270 projects will be set for revision, assuming that all countries submit the maximum number of projects they are allowed to.


There will be a maximum of 54 projects for each category.


Country Representatives will analyse the projects provided by the International Service Coordinator and vote for the best ones, following the process stated below and considering the criteria available for download at the bottom of the page.


The voting shall take place from 1st April 2021 until 1st May 2021.




  • The Country Representatives will vote on the submitted projects (out of the 54 maximum per award)
  • They will assign 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 points to the chosen projects.
  • Country Representatives will not be allowed to vote for their own country’s projects.
  • The Country Representatives may leave the remaining projects exceeding the 10 ranked without any score.


In order to determine the winner projects from each category, the International Service Coordination team will count the submitted votes by the CRs. The project with the higher score, (just like it happens in Eurovision) will be the winner in that category.


Winners will be notified on the 15th of May 2021 and they will be publicly announced during the Mediterranean Convention.

Download the selection criteria here