Our Bylaws

The bylaws aim to give the structure on how decisions within the Mediterranean MDIO are taken regulating processes and responsibilities of its team. This version of the bylaws has been voted on in November 2020.


Official Presentation

This is your reference for all the information you are looking for. Use it in district presentations as well as club meetings. It is available to everyone interested to know about the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO.

Access to all promotional One-Pagers


Event Organisation Guidelines.

These Medicon Visual Guidelines represent a new milestone in Rotaract Mediterranean history.

This document aims not only to show this journey but to make it in a very unified and coherent way, asking all of you to take part in this unique and valuable identity:

One organization, one brand, one signature.


Fundraising Guidelines.

You may be able to pay for your projects entirely through fundraising events, such as charity dinners, walkathons, or online auctions. These events will not only help you raise money for your project but also awareness for Rotary and The Rotary Foundation. Learn more by downloading the presentation below!


Brand Guidelines.

In 2018, we established a very important milestone, unifying all Rotaract Mediterranean visual assets and accumulating its growth along the years. We are visually opening our brand to Rotaractors all around the globe. Download it here!

Download Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO Logos

Download Initiative Logos